Staking ReDeFined
Get tradable liquid staking derivatives and instantly withdraw your staked assets.
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What is ClayStack?
ClayStack is a decentralized liquid staking platform that enables you to unlock the liquidity of staked assets across multiple chains. You can stake your assets and use the issued staking derivatives across the DeFi ecosystem.
Built by staking experts
Flash Exit
Flash Exit
Withdraw your assets whenever you want. No more waiting for unbonding periods.
Fully Backed
Fully Backed
ClayStack's staking derivatives are backed by staked assets. No fractional reserves. No nonsense.
Use staking derivatives across multiple chains. Fluid composability soon!
No minimums
No minimums
Built for everyone. No minimum or maximum limits on your staked assets.
Yield Stacking
Yield Stacking
Build DeFi money legos using staking derivatives and earn rewards from multiple streams.
All transactions, reserves and vaults are trackable on-chain.
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Introducing ClayStack—A new way to Stake Crypto
Get the best of both worlds. By staking with ClayStack, you will receive a derivative token to participate in DeFi. The underlying tokens will be staked with professional validators, and users will be able to watch the rewards accrue in real time.
5 January, 2021
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